Production Services

Production Services for Documentary films in
Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan


Geo Film Production provides pre-production services for documentary films, feature films, corporate Films, drama productions, TV commercials and reports.

Research / Location Scouting

Our experienced researchers will collect all the necessary information for stories and accomplished ideas at your request. We can provide filming permits and all the necessary information in advance in a short period of time. Prior to filming we will provide you with recommendations regarding any special requirements: area, time, schedule, money exchange rates, kit delivery procedures, weather forecast, festivals, people, special security arrangements, taxation, legal issues, etc.

Our researchers will find locations you are looking for, ranging from the high peaks of the Caucasus to the arid wilderness of the steppes, the beautiful Black Sea and Caspian Sea shores to the villages forgotten by time, untouched natural landscapes to the high intensity urban atmosphere of the cities of Tbilisi, Yerevan and Baku.

Our researchers can always find producers for recce or prepare various shots of the locations planned for filming.

We provide a detailed budget for your approval prior to the production.


Geo Film Production is responsible for any logistic operations during production.


Vehicles, comfortable and suitable to the road conditions will be arranged in advance. The following vehicle types are available: minivans, sedans, 4WD, 6WD, trucks and helicopter. Our experienced and skilled drivers will make every journey safe, comfortable and pleasant.


We are familiar with all the available hotels, guesthouses and home-stays in Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. If necessary, we will build a camp site with modern outdoor equipment for the most remote areas of our region.

Fixers & Assistants

Geo Film Production is considered as the best fixer production service company in the Caucasus region. Our fixers / coordinators are the “key personnel” for filming in the area.

Geo Film Production employs fixers, coordinators and assistants are fluent in the following languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Turkish and Japanese. They come from a wide variety of backgrounds and have expertise in: travel industry, history, arts, sociology, public relations, journalism, active sports (mountaineering, climbing, skiing), etc.

Fixers / coordinators are able to handle all location-related issues. Their experience and knowledge of history, religions and interaction productions have proved to be very helpful for us and our customers.

Financial control

Geo Film Production provides full financial control of the production process.

Kit safety control

Geo Film Production assistants always control kit safety, assist in packing, carrying and keeping all necessary equipment.


We will keep you informed about any security-related alerts from different reliable sources.

Office support

Film crews, productions and fixers can get support from head office 24 hours a day. They work closely with the office to get updated information about last minute changes, hotel re-bookings, logistics, security issues, permissions and necessary advice; We always work as a team, share information, knowledge and experience between each other.


Geo Film Production is responsible for post-production. Our staff collects all the agreements after filming, provides final financial reports and documents.

We offer translation services for video and film productions. We can transfer tapes from / to almost every format. We can help with editing of texts.

Other technical services are available upon request to Geo Film Production.

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