Geo Film Production is a Georgia-based film servicing and production company. We work throughout the South Caucasus: Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. We give you valuable creative input and practical support for any size of media project from commercial and documentaries through to feature films.

If you are interested in filming in these areas you are on the right web site. You can find fixers, documentary film makers, cast and all the necessary services to shoot your movie.

We provide production services according to your individual needs and requirements including:

  • Area cast
  • Production service for pre-production, production and post-production
  • Budgeting and scheduling
  • Location, crew scouting, local casting
  • Accommodation and transportation arrangements
  • Production management, line production
  • Full financial controlling of production
  • Arrangements with production service and facility companies
  • Advice and arrangements on taxation and legal issues
  • Experienced English speaking fixers and qualified crew personnel

Contact us to get your project going. We are here to help you and make your project realistic and successful.

Your host: Geo Film Production.

Documentary movies and feature film makers in Caucasus